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Welcome to AxonOps Documentation


AxonOps is an extensible operational management tool initially built for Apache Cassandra ( It is currently being extended to manage Apache Kafka (, Elasticsearch (, and others.


  • Inventory information overview
  • Dashboarding metrics, logs, and healthchecks
  • Highly efficient metrics collection and storage from the agents
  • Integrates with ChatOps and alerting tools - Slack and PagerDuty etc for notifications and alerts
  • Domain aware functionalities, including Cassandra repairs and backups schedulers.


AxonOps has four main components:

  • axon-server - The main server of axonops that collect metrics, logs, events and more.
  • axon-dash - The UI to interact with axon-server (dash for AxonOps Dashboards).
  • axon-agents - An to small agent binary deployed onto the managed nodes.
  • Elasticsearch - A distributed search engine which stores all of the collected data.