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Setup Default Routing

Deafult Routing.

Allows you to set up the channels though which alerts & notifications will be received and the specific groups that will receive the alerts & notifications

Setup Default Routing

On the Axonops application menu, select Alert & Notifications -> Integration and selectDefault Routing tab.

  • Alert & Notification types can be set up


info Info warning Warning error Error defaultrouting


To Setup Default Routing For info Info click On defaultplus

  • Select the desired group(s) from the dropdown menu for the desired integrations(s) and click` submit to confirm selections



The group should now appear in the info Info Info box on the Default Routing Tab



Warning - Error

Repeat these steps to setup the Default Routing for warning Warning error Error

Edit Default Routing

To Edit Default Routing click on the defaultplus icon on either info warning error Add or Remove existing integrations using the dropdown menus.

Delete Default Routing

To Remove a group click on the Delete icon