Rolling Restart

AxonOps provides a rolling restart functionnality for Cassandra.

The functionality is accessible via Operations > Rolling Restart



axonops user will require permissions to be able to stop and start Cassandra service. To do so you will add axonops user in the sudoers with for instance the following permissions:

axonops ALL=NOPASSWD: /sbin/service cassandra *, /usr/bin/systemctl * cassandra*

You can start an immediate rolling restart or schedule it.

The script field let you able to tweak the predefined script executed by axon-agents during the restart process.

You can also specify different degree of parallelism for the restart: DC, Rack and Node.

For instance, to restart one entire rack at once across the cluster, you can set a large Node parallelism (greater than the number of nodes the rack has, ie 999).

DC parallelism: 1
Rack parallelism: 1
Node parallelism: 999

To restart one entire rack across each DC:

DC parallelism: 999
Rack parallelism: 1
Node parallelism: 999