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Setup Pagerduty

Create Pagerduty Routing Key

Using these steps. Please note down the pagerduty routing key

Insert Pagerduty Routing Key

On the Axonops application menu, select Alert & Notifications -> Integration .

On the Setup menu, move the cursor over the pagerduty icon and click on the Add symbol.


Install Pagerduty

Add Routing Keys

Enter Group name & routing key from step 1. and click TEST

Routing key

Additional Key(s)

To add additional routing keys click on plus button, enter the additional routing key and click TEST

Routing key

  • Click SUBMIT and close the pop-up form, on the Integrations Menu the Pagerduty Icon should now read Installed.



Remove a key

To remove any routing key click on minus button

Edit Routing key(s)

  • To Edit any routing key click on Edit



  • and press minusbtn to remove specific routing key or delbtn to remove group of keys and click SUMBIT

Remove Routing key(s)

  • To Remove pagerduty groups move the cusror over the pagerduty icon click on the Delete symbol and Confirm